Mission Statement

At Hotel Guest Services our mission is to create, develop and supply hotel branded collateral alongside high-end guest services applications to our Luxury Hotel Partners Worldwide.

Our mission is based on the belief that high net worth guests value a luxurious ambient media with a glossy cover with beautiful photographs and relevant advertising content.

Hotel Guest Services has been in the industry for over 20 years. Starting out during the age of print and providing high quality and bespoke hotel guides and hotel maps to luxury hotels around the globe, we have a pedigree which lends itself to the quality of our work.

Now in the digital age, our service has evolved to ensure we make use of technology to stay ahead of the curve. Our bespoke and individually tailored mobile apps allows hotel guests to interact with and experience their local surroundings.

Continuously improve our product, information and market competitiveness

Continuously meet and exceed clients expectations

Continuously source the most environmentally sustainable products for our guides and maps

Promotions our clients success ahead of our own

Promote teamwork

Promote effective communication