Hotel Guides

Bespoke, highly detailed and quality hotel guides and maps. Our guides are unique to each hotel and feature top brands which each hotel can associate with. We believe that the right mix of information and marketing allows both hotels and local businesses benefit from visiting guests. Our guides are distributed to all arriving guests, ensuring they are well orientated and easily settled into the area.

Hotel Maps

For two decades we have provided the link between visiting guests and local businesses. Our localised maps are an important piece of a travelers arsenal, allowing them the freedom to experience whatever they truly desire. Our maps are high quality and uniquely crafted for each hotel, ensuring that the worlds finest hotels are providing high-end consumables to their patrons. Our hotel maps both promote the local hotel and its facilities, and additionally list hand-picked businesses to compliment the hotels clientele.

Bespoke Mobile Apps

Our cutting edge mobile app combines the best of both worlds; an fully interactive and uniquely branded hotel guide with a live map of the surrounding areas. Clients can book lunches, dinners, outings, cabs and pay through their linked account. All apps feature locations services, allowing the phones GPS to act as a tour guide or simply to direct the visitor to their chosen location.